Jaco Moolman

Another prime example of a South African aesthetic physique – Jaco Moolman.

Good size and great genetics with a shredded look.


Jaco Moolman (1)

Age: 27 Height: 1,80 m Competition weight: 92 Kg Current weight: 95 Kg Current city: Cape Town, South Africa Occupation: Chartered Accountant, Fitness Model, Personal Trainer and Nutritionist

I know my body very well and listen to the signals it gives me. I never starve myself and follow a diet enriched with low GI carbohydrates. I keep my fat intake low and have moderate protein.

I believe champions are made in the off season so my food intake is just slightly more compared to when I prep and I’ll have cheat meals as I wish.

My competition prep diet is as follows:

  • Meal 1-4: 150g chicken, 300g basmati rice.
  • Meal 5: 300g rump steak, 150g oats, 40g peanut butter.

I use spice and low cal sauces to make my food tasty.

I weigh my food pre comp, and off season I’ll guess. It’s a form of control and helps you make adjustments should you like to lose more body fat or gain muscle fullness. It is recommended but not necessary.


  1. Eat. Eat Eat. If you’re not eating enough quality food, it won’t simply happen.
  2. A calorie is not a calorie.
  3. Stick to the basics, be patient, and before you know it, its like magic happens.


  1. Calorie control. If you are consuming too much then that fat is not coming off.
  2. Watch what you drink. Try to stick to water, black coffee and tea’s.
  3. Experiment with carbohydrate cycling, keto, high carbohydrate and see what works for you.


I am as hardcore as it gets. Workouts last about 2 hours and I follow stock standard old school bodybuilding methods. Good form and good reps, with good intensity.


Jaco Moolman’s WEB links:


Behind the scenes video during a photoshoot: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NnWHVIuR9Ng


Jaco Moolman’s PHOTOS

Jaco Moolman (4) Jaco Moolman (7) Jaco Moolman (8) Jaco Moolman (16) Jaco Moolman (17) Jaco Moolman (18) Jaco Moolman (19) Jaco Moolman (20) Jaco Moolman (22) Jaco Moolman (23) Jaco Moolman (24) Jaco Moolman (28) Jaco Moolman (29) Jaco Moolman (31) Jaco Moolman (32) Jaco Moolman (35) Jaco Moolman 0 Jaco Moolman 1 Jaco Moolman 5 Jaco Moolman 10 Jaco Moolman 11 Jaco Moolman 12 Jaco Moolman 13 Jaco Moolman 15 Jaco Moolman 40 Jaco Moolman 50 Jaco Moolman 51 Jaco Moolman 52 Jaco Moolman 54 Jaco Moolman 55 Jaco Moolman 60 Jaco Moolman 61 Jaco Moolman 62 Jaco Moolman 63 Jaco Moolman 66 Jaco Moolman 67 Jaco Moolman 70 Jaco Moolman 73 Jaco Moolman 75 Jaco+Moolman+(3) Jaco+Moolman+(30)

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