Aaron Shumway

Aaron, NPC Physique Athelete and Fitness Model, lives in Lakeville, Massachusetts and was born 25th January 1993.

His well-developed physique has great balance and with his attractive looks he is easy on the eye.

aaron shumway 21


Aaron’s diet video:


Aaron’s training videos:


Aarons WEB links:

  • Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/ashumwayphysiue
  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/npcathleteaaronshumway/timeline
  • Email: ashumway@student.bridgew.edu
  • Instagram: a_shumway1
  • Telephone: 7742607050


Aaron’s photos:

aaron schumway 1 Aaron Shumway (1) Aaron Shumway (3) aaron shumway 2 aaron shumway 4 aaron shumway 5 aaron shumway 8 aaron shumway 10 aaron shumway 11 aaron shumway 13 aaron shumway 14 aaron shumway 16 aaron shumway 18 aaron shumway 19 aaron shumway 20 aaron shumway 22 aaron shumway 26 aaron shumway 29 aaron shumway 30 aaron shumway 36 aaron shumway31 aaron shumway33 aaron shumway34 aaron shumway40

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