Jaco de Bruyn

South Africa can be proud of Jaco de Bruyn. He has a classic male muscle physique with just about the right size and incredible genetics to go with it.

Stunning symmetry.

Very much a family man as well.

Good showcase for what South Africa can produce.

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Dan Rockwell

Personal trainer and fitness model, Dan Rockwell has incredible aesthetics. Very balanced physique with no particular muscle group standing out, trademark of a good aesthetic body.

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Dan Rockwell (5) Dan Rockwell (7) Dan Rockwell (8) Dan Rockwell (12) Dan Rockwell (13) Dan Rockwell (14) Dan Rockwell (17) Dan Rockwell 1 Dan Rockwell 2 Dan Rockwell 4 Dan Rockwell 6 Dan Rockwell 7 Dan Rockwell 9 Dan Rockwell 10 Dan Rockwell 13 Dan Rockwell 16

Alain Gosselin

Alain Gosselin is a fitness model from Quebec, Canada and is 29 years old. He stands 5’9″ tall and has a contest weight of 150 lbs. (off-season he weights 165 lbs.). Alain has a 31″ waist, 41.5″ chest, 14″ biceps, 22″ thighs and 13.5″ calves. The field of competition is relatively new to Alain. He started after meeting his personal trainer, Dickens Lambert. He is now a member of a team of athletes called BodyInfluence. To date, Alain has participated in four competitions. His first competition was the 2011 UFE Chaos in Montreal where he finished 1st in the Amateur Fitness Model class. After this victory, TNT Nutrition, a supplement store, offered Alain a sponsorship, which helps him by providing some of his supplements. ¬†Without any organized sports background, Alain became interested in bodybuilding at the age of 19 and since then his desire to train and learn about the sport has never stopped growing.

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Alain Gosselin x5 Alain Gosselin x6 Alain Gosselin x7 Alain Gosselin x8 Alain Gosselin x9 Alain Gosselin x10 Alain Gosselin x11 Alain Gosselin x12 Alain Gosselin x13 Alain Gosselin x14 Alain Gosselin x15 Alain Gosselin x16 Alain Gosselin x17 Alain Gosselin x18 Alain Gosselin x19 Alain Gosselin x20 Alain Gosselin x21 Alain Gosselin x22