About the site:

This site is about presenting the best aesthetic male muscle physiques on the planet.

We try to include each athlete’s TRAINING program, DIET, SUPPLEMENTS used and various videos and photos.

Please also feel free to nominate athletes you would like to see being featured.


About the author of this site:

Being an avid bodybuilder one of my passions is to shape the greatest aesthetic male physique. Knowing the hard work and dedication involved, plus a good deal of genetics required it is not for everyone.

For those coach potatoes that just dream, well this site is to fill those dreams. For those that say “I will not sit back and let any of my opposition beat me at the game!”, well may this site give you all the focus and determination to MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Wish you happy training.


Gert Louw




2 thoughts on “About

  1. Extremely well motivating site! I’m in my 40s, small build but perfect symmetry. Had a few set backs physically, but so much desire to make my physique shine like it once did. The images are purely fantastic, capturing their (The Models) form in all settings, perfectly. Well done! Now I need to pick up and get motivated more!


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