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Customized BODY TRANSFORMATION SYSTEMS – Life and transformation systems and coaching available:


My life-changing transformation system is available to those eager to embark on a great adventure. It is the COMPLETE system I used to turn my body around (after a close call with death at 40) to what I am today. It’s documented in a step by step format (easy understandable even for the novice who are new to the fit lifestyle). The systematic approach will teach you the tips and tricks for a killer body and will guide you on a path of healthy living which will have great positive impact for those struggling with health issues. The reasoning behind everything is explained to allow you to understand why you need to do what you need to do. The system and diet is developed for natural muscle building.

Please note – My systems are designed for the person who wants to add a fair amount of muscle to his or her frame. I do not believe it is possible to obtain a stunning physique without adding decent muscle mass to your frame (for BOTH sexes).

I, myself attend to everything and do NOT employ people to do it. To work out a complete system it thus usually take about a week.

To kickstart your journey, choose one of the following 3 options:


  1. Click the following link to view: BASIC TRANSFORMATION SYSTEM


  1. GENERIC system with all the tips and tricks on how to obtain a killer body.
  2. Detailed plan on how to create the environment for muscle growth.
  3. Detailed training program for growth.
  4. Single sample diet system and the process on how to align it correctly for your body.
  5. Advanced supplements regime to achieve your goals.

>> Pay here to order the XTREME Transformation System (PayPal/Debit Card/Credit Card accepted): CLICK HERE


  1. PEP TALK!
  2. Overview of your lifestyle situation with guidance as to the lifestyle changes required.
  3. A photo analysis of your body, genetic transformation potential and expected medium to long-term progression path. 
  4. A photo analysis indicating your weak and strong areas/muscle development.
  5. Results of the body analysis incorporated in your Building and Cutting Training programs.
  6. Detailed plan on how to create the environment for muscle growth, especially for the older individual.
  7. One of the most advanced systems available for training specific to your goals, age and genetic potential.
  8. A detailed 4-day diet sample CUTTING PHASE DIET provided with full breakdown in calories per meal regarding protein/fat/carbs including daily totals and weekly totals.
  9. A detailed 4-day diet sample BUILDING PHASE DIET provided with full breakdown in calories per meal regarding protein/fat/carbs including daily totals and weekly totals.
  10. A monitoring method is provided and also the means to adapt the diet specifically for your body to reach the sweet spot where muscles are build and fat coming off. A detailed discussion on what to do, how to do it – regarding the process to adjust diet to reach your bodies “sweet spot”.
  11. A method provided to exchange food within the diet to allow for your likes/dislikes.
  12. Advanced supplements usage (supported by science) to reach your goals (including coaching on “safe” anabolic steroid use if so required).
  13. A BUILDING CUSTOM PHASE TRAINING chart / CUTTING CUSTOM PHASE TRAINING chart provided for easy printout.
  14. Each exercise’s photo provided showing the beginning and end of exercise technique.
  15. A detailed discussion on training principles and how to incorporate it into your training to produce maximum results.
  16. Unlimited follow-up emails allowed within signup month.
  17. Questionnaire must be completed and 1 front photo (only shorts/boxers on – highly confidential) and 1 back photo must be provided.  (Questionnaire will be emailed upon payment received)

>>> Pay here to order SYSTEM II (PayPal/Debit Card/Credit Card accepted): CLICK HERE

>>> Kindly send email to after system ordered/paid or alternatively complete the form below

(For South Africa – request bank details for eft and locally applicable rates)

To contact me you can also use the form below:

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