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Brett Kelly, Australian Rugby Player [10 June 2020]


Australian Firefighters photoshoot with animals for fundraising 


Chris Oelofse, South African muscle [2June2020]


David Williams, Australian Rugby player [2June2020]


Robert Smith, South Africa [posted 2 June 2020]


Diego Sechi


Fabian Sassier


Quinn Biddle


Tanner Chidester


Mikhael Timoshin


Ben Dudman


Dan Cooper


Dexter Brierley


Ryan Sage


Dimitrij Bessalov


Sean Smith


Sam Sheppard


Vinnay Gough


Robbie Taylor


Patrick Henning


Michael Toscano


Matt Vigar


Dominic Mazzella


Ani Saliasi






















David Laid


Luis Young


Marino Katsouris


Ali Bilal

Patrick Leblanc

Paul Cassidy

Sean Brady

Mario Hervas


Jon Venus

Nick Topel

Nick Jann

Joey Hornyak



Nick Chaps



Nick's BIO

Nick Chapman is an ex-footballer and natural men’s physique athlete (two time British finalist).


Off Season I would only do small amount of cardio only warm up 10 mins and daily would hit 9,000 / 10,000 steps recorded on my Fitbit.

training session would be about 90 mins long.

My training split will be the same as on prep.

Training Split,


  • ⏰ am Fasted Cardio 40mins
  • ⏰ pmLower Back, Legs and Abs


  • ⏰ am Fasted Cardio 40mins
  • ⏰ pm Chest and Back


  • ⏰ am Fasted Cardio 40mins
  • ⏰ pm Shoulders and Arms


  • ⏰ am Fasted Cardio 40mins
  • ⏰ pm Lower Back, Legs and Abs


  • ⏰ am Fasted Cardio 40mins
  • ⏰ pm Back and Arms


  • ⏰ am Fasted Cardio 40mins
  • ⏰ pm Chest & Shoulders


  • Rest Day


Nick's DIET


My I have never kept on a diet plan on an Off Season I use the my fitness pal app and target my nutrition goals and down to my physique look I would slowly increase and this would be for training days and rest days recording my Protein, Carbs and Fats.

Moving into my competition prep I would count it for about 15/10 weeks out and start a diet plan in the week with work I keep to the same plan and weekends with more time I would mix it up and use different meats or carbs, now training days and rest days (Sunday’s) intake will be different.

Training Days

Meal 1 – 7/7.30am

  • 120g Oats
  • 2 Scoops Whey Protein
  • 15g Peanut Butter
  • Sweet Cinnamon sprinkle on top
  • Mix with water.

Meal 2 – 10.30am/11am

  • Zero fat Greek yogurt
  • 1 Scoop Whey Protein
  • Blueberries
  • Mix Together.

Meal 3 – 1/2pm

  • 200g Turkey Mince
  • 175g Jasmine Rice
  • 130g Veg
  • Topped with zero calorie sauce.

Meal 4 Pre Workout – 3.30/4pm

  • 6 Egg Whites
  • 1 Wrap
  • Topped with zero calorie sauce.

Meal 5 Post Workout – 6/6.30pm

  • 1 Scoop Whey Protein
  • 1 Banana
  • Meal 4 – 8/8.30pm
  • 200g Chicken Breast
  • 175g White Potato
  • 130g Veg
  • Pink Himalayan Sea salt and pepper
  • Topped with zero calorie sauce.

Meal 6 – Pre Bed

  • 1 Scoop Whey Protein
  • 15g Dark Chocolate

All I drink is water and black coffee.

Rest Day (Sunday’s)

Meal 1 – 7/7.30am

  • 120g Oats
  • 2 Scoops Whey Protein
  • 15g Peanut Butter
  • Sweet Cinnamon sprinkle on top
  • Mix with water.

Meal 2 – 10.30am/11am

  • Zero fat Greek yogurt
  • 1 Scoop Whey Protein
  • Blueberries
  • Mix Together.

Meal 3 – 1/2pm

  • 200g Lean Steak
  • 175g Low Fat Oven Fries
  • 130g Veg
  • Topped with zero calorie sauce.

Meal 4 Pre Workout – 3.30/4pm

  • 6 Egg Whites
  • 1 Wrap
  • Topped with zero calorie sauce.

Meal 5 Post Workout – 6/6.30pm

  • 1 Scoop Whey Protein
  • 1 Banana

Meal 6 – 8/8.30pm

  • Cheat Meal
  • ( on prep this will be the best part of the week, one meal off will not effect your body )

Meal 7 – Pre Bed

  • Ice Cream
  • All I drink is water rest days I would increase and black coffee.

Instagram – @nick.chaps | @chaps.fitness

Twitter – @nick_chaps


David Kimmerle


“I am proud to say that I am not part of these statistics anymore and am sharing my story in hopes to inspire someone out there who can relate.

In 2007 I turned the big thirty, oh the dreams I had, I was going to be rich with a family and a big house, but when I opened my eyes the morning of, I was broke, unhealthy, alone and losing my house. I could not find a job to save my life and was falling further and further into debt.

davidkimmerle-02There are only so many hours you can spend looking for a job that is not there. During the day to kill the pain of feeling like a complete loser I started sleeping in, drinking like a fish and eating everything in sight. I lost what makes a man feel like man; work.

My life became too much to bear, I found myself facing a desperate reality, about to snap, drinking no longer covering my pain, I became violent trying to make my hand hurt more than my heart.

A few months later the phone rang which started a chain reaction I never would have imagined in a million years.

Behind on my payments, the gym was calling to let me know they would forgive my past due bill giving me a fresh start. I hung up the phone and broke into tears; I was such a wreck, at that minute I knew this was my opportunity to make a change physically and mentally. I realized I needed to change the perception I had of myself and the perceptions I felt from others. I could take these unemployed hours and improve my health and physical appearance.

Extremely self conscious and embarrassed of my weight I wore a hoodie at the gym. Not really knowing what to do I ran a painful treadmill mile then did random exercises beating myself until I felt like my limbs were bleeding. I soon found out how angry, frustrated and hurt I really was.

For more than 50 days in a row after that, Mother’s day through Father’s day and usually twice a day I was in the gym self medicating. Wanting to expedite my results!! In the hours not in the gym and not looking for a job I spent my time reading about supplements and training.

Before I knew it I had stopped drinking and eating abundantly, I could run five miles and train with proper form. While I ran and trained, I spoke to myself and reminded myself every rep or step; saying or thinking, MOM, DAD, FAMILY, FRIENDS, FU*@…

When I wanted to stop or found myself becoming numb, anyone of those words would spark the fire within me to endure.

Fueling my efforts through supplementation and eating right the fat melted away; I was finally seeing results. Supplements, training and diet changed my entire physique and expedited my results packing on muscle and burning fat. I felt great and was less angry.

Nevertheless, five months later I was still unemployed and job hunting. To my surprise I received another very symbolic phone call; this time is was an ex-girlfriend inviting me to work for the day on a commercial as the male talent was a no show and the director needed someone now. Arriving at the job a couple hours later and finding myself $500 richer after completion I started envisioning the possibilities of making a career and money through fitness.

Scrambling in this new profession I found the cheapest photographer in town to shoot me then went from agency to agency only to be turned down or required to pay for representation; obviously not in my business plan.

Because I really wanted this new job I had created for myself to succeed, I trained extremely hard trying to build something I could sell however I couldn’t find anyone to sell it to. A little disheartened I decided to make a last ditch effort before I gave up and ignored the agencies advice to wait. I sent out pictures to everyone I could find in the industry, hitch hiked to the Olympia for networking and found a manager in LA.

That decision to control my own destiny was a good one.

In 2009 I landed several covers and commercials influencing me to move to L.A where there was more opportunity. I am now a full time fitness personality, sponsored athlete, cover model, actor, host and owner of several businesses.

I have to be honest; I was never presumptuous to think I could take a picture that would sell or that anyone cared about what I had to say. Basically the market crashing my world made me look at new ways to create revenue, if it had not I would still be doing what I like to do but not what I was meant to do.

Acknowledging that I needed to stay under the umbrella of my skill set I looked at every possibility for employment, I found nothing. That is when I started to think outside the box about what I really love to do. I love construction, I enjoy building and planning and finishing a project but it was not my passion and there were no jobs available.

What would make David happy?

The answer became clear to me sometime during my training, I realized I was enjoying this new quality of life and I wanted to share it with the world. Ironically I was still building and constructing, it was just my body and mind.

I am not sure how many of you out there like your career or the image staring back at you in the mirror but if you find yourself unemployed or unhealthy, imagine the you of your dreams and go out and make it. It will not be easy; in fact it might be the hardest thing you have ever done.

Starting a new direction with employment or health means you will be out of your comfort zone and overwhelmed at times; money, time, aches and pains and above all stress.

Keep pursuing your dream, your new decisions will become habits and you will make what you imagined happen in your life.

Do not be discouraged as you find yourself in the beginning just making it, barely getting by or giving up all your wants just to take care of your needs. In the end your needs and wants will be provided because that is what happens when you do not give up and you follow your heart.

I am an example of doing what felt impossible, showing that it is possible.

I am not anymore special than the next person, really who am I?

I am just a small town construction worker who lost everything and when I decided to stop feeling sorry for myself and take a new direction I found a new level of happiness.

This is my story and it will be different than yours. Anyone and everyone with faith, direction and endless effort can accomplish anything,

I know it is cliché and I feel funny even writing it.

I have not forgotten how I felt when others described what I felt like was impossible as being possible, but I changed my attitude and now I am screaming with the written word, IT IS!

My name is David Kimmerle and everyday I work to be a statistic in the success stories that are coming out of this great depression and health crisis.

Good to you all and thank you for your support.”



David’s TRAINING program

10×10 45 second rest Workout

Workout 1


Flat bench press barbell or dumbbell, incline bench flys cable or dumbbells, dips (perfect form)


V-bar cable push downs, standing tricep extensions (behind the neck), dumbbell straight bar reverse grip push-downs


I follow the 10 sets of 10 for this day, choose the weight and ab movement I can do 100 of total (with 20 seconds rest). Do the same exercise and only one exercise (this is my heavy day for abs).

Workout 2


Military press front, dumbbell side lateral raises, rear delt machine flys (I use cables or dumbbells bent over with back parallel to the ground)


Olympic barbell curl (stripping method: start with a weight I can’t do 10 of and drop weight to finish set), standing dumbbell curl (elbows at side not moving both hands curling at the same time), seated hammer dumbbell curl


I murder them with VERY heavy weights — Train them for 20 mins (sets of 30 mandatory!) 45 second rest.

Workout 3


Chin-ups (10 sets of 5 perfect form, 45 second rest), lat pulldown (cable or machine wide grip), Bent over dumbbell row, Hip extensions (45 degree with 25 pound weight on chest or chin — slow!)


Train abdominals for 20 min (pick my favorite workout or whatever is available and play the pain game).

Workout 4


Lunges (dumbbells at least 50-60lbs for twenty steps – I cut out some work on legs so do this heavy and correctly), leg extensions, leg curl machine (seated or lying down)


To burnout my legs and finish off my calves. This is strip set method, much like boxing, I start off the weight heaviest I can do for 3 min and drop it down over and over again (it’s kinda like a fist fight only with your calves). Do not stop.
Another program David suggest:

This is the workout anyone can take in the gym and feel confident they can do.

I kept it simple but still difficult for a beginner if you use the right amount of resistance.

If you are still new to the terms and exercises on the documents, please watch the videos, use the search button and get to know the site; I have easy to read content that will alleviate all your concerns.

Anything new is hard but with this simple plan you can feel confident enough to hang out in the weight room.

Below are two workouts that you can do in order up to 5 times a week, depending on your goal.


Add in 0 – 5 cardio sessions a week either in the morning on an empty stomach or after your training session depending on your goal.

2 of these cardio sessions could be HIIT High Intensity Interval Training

3 could be 50-60 minutes of steady state cardio; liss.



David’s DIET regime



David’s SUPPLEMENT regime


Glutamine 5g
Udo’s Oil
DHEA 25 mg
Vitamin C


Beta alanine 3g
Carnosine 250 mg


Digestive Enzyme
Vitamin C
Green (dried greens) drink


Digestive Enzyme
Glucomannan 1teaspoon


Vitamin C
Glutamine 5g
DHEA 25-50mg
Udo’s oil
Pm Vitamins (bodylogix)


Creatine ethyl ester 3-5g
L-carnitine 800mg
Bodylogix Pre-workout or similar pump – go get em drink
Bcaas 5g
Glutamin 5g


Creatine ethyl ester 3g
Beta alanine 3g
Carnosine 250mg
L-carnitine 800mg
Glutamine 5g

Digest Gold – take with the four largest meals of the day, 5 minutes prior to eating.


David’s CONTACT details and WEB links

  • david@davidkimmerle.com
  • davidkimmerle(Twitter)
  • davidkimmerle(Instagram)
  • davidkimmerle82(Skype)
  • shitandfallinit(Snapchat)
  • DAVID’s WEBSITE: http://kimmerleplan.com
  • Phone: +1 323-849-0427


David’s VIDEOS


David’s PHOTOS

1947957_793273897452590_4653979243512025431_n 10385562_793086280804685_5706459351664444703_n 10955292_809832489130064_3583013391297392119_n 11017873_793620510751262_6323490184984374209_n 11041516_807855955994384_5522137857294184700_n 11057522_806958859417427_9106603389464679194_n 11107174_781474511965862_8443068885875789111_n 11119428_779748218805158_7071884808121296773_n 11202109_801132776666702_2710956319474280388_n 11222023_815636158549697_1349281850802412516_n 11224372_842642969182349_7879805269655538570_n 11390136_786100781503235_501520499376545492_n 11392771_783522568427723_7982585036785348011_n 11665655_802712109842102_1772627384769854953_n 11695809_803881356391844_4822991702648580940_n 11800090_813134162133230_594801551010317383_n 11817116_813363602110286_4649252789148659186_n 11817120_811481675631812_6482292214540641758_n 11873379_815636111883035_5237704858438170690_n 11903826_818454088267904_5921913192473190220_n 11949293_827234154056564_2847475638434997028_n 11951360_824440107669302_4385373996518753404_n 11960252_829912997122013_7762060399768524212_n 11986935_827234784056501_7424599126055696451_n 11986952_827235017389811_7911107680065286657_n 11988273_831809766932336_4286449554210595215_n 12004897_832284053551574_8351515756027054170_n 12009594_842146849231961_1610115809477306236_n 12015096_831810976932215_3373696438797462303_o 12030469_839033556209957_6978316249305602249_o 12043193_842146032565376_1953006390680158883_n 12065639_853382784775034_4233815224310926667_n 12066046_842959532484026_2881187916827358724_n 12074631_841588185954494_1653497630888076404_n 12079716_842246009222045_3119375021758945279_n 12096205_850473098399336_3243957302580703423_n 12105842_847857035327609_8936999687661145904_n 12108231_844469942332985_8386113614914831066_n 12108237_851292384984074_565611098559445632_n 12112404_851610374952275_7943147314427022689_n 12115616_844626475650665_8415579608553932349_n 12122445_854433714669941_8187915502149105806_n 12191655_858530850926894_7883224330882889368_n 12193627_859852150794764_7803626900050589178_n 12227572_862794603833852_9072153039020696098_n 12240143_861761413937171_1317805214656018593_n 12246794_865980296848616_9073760356587185648_n 12301538_866073280172651_8905824712226687924_n 12308295_866807610099218_3761472988677478363_n 12310560_867696656676980_519545355851023866_ndavidkimmerle-04

Gary Taylor

Intense look, good size, great aesthetics, ex-cage fighter and from Alabama – what more can one ask…?

“I was born on 08/18/1986. i have one brother and four half sisters. my life has been very challenging. after living in several homes i was adopted when i was 12 by my aunt and uncle. Went to school at vina where i played all sports and graduated and signed a full scholarship to play at Jefferson Davis CC. played there a year and got hurt so that was it.. Then i just started working and got caught up in the real world with bills and 2 daughters that mean the world to me. Modeling is not my passion. i want to be a fireman and a massage therapist. Someday have my own daycare and gym. I love to inspire, encourage, and just be there for people because i know what its like to have no one there for you. ”



Gary’s STATS:

5’10” tall
26yrs old (in Nov 2015)
180lbs in weight


Gary’s DIET:

All we could get, was what his favorite foods are – Sausage, Tators, and Red Velvet Cake. Obvious to say with a body like his, he is not eating that too often. But if you want to find out about Gary’s diet – contact him at: garytaylorleo@yahoo.com


Gary’s TRAINING regime:

He usually train  about 2 to 3 hours a day, and sometimes twice a day.


Gary’s Supplements:

Ask Gary at: garytaylorleo@yahoo.com


Gary’s contact details and WEB links:

Personal Email: garytaylorleo@yahoo.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/garytaylorofficial/info/?tab=page_info



Gary’s VIDEOS:


Gary’s PHOTOS:

6185_558340410874534_622103398_n 12514_837784072930165_5404046183288498838_n 18286_852594048115834_1193113893764219075_n 65314_470929776282265_1025343286_n 182304_475429129165663_531915313_n 285792_509198755788700_1365769370_n 303124_515980745110501_766994819_n 563132_598301036878471_597352018_n 582362_515428171832425_396868379_n 644561_642408065801101_168023809_n 936810_654202164621691_713399510_n 945097_533511093357466_1563687358_n 946837_559893250719250_1940445503_n 970245_562480230460552_1495985384_n 988838_794816543893585_8154225928707148188_n 998078_583135111728397_448700467_n 999115_578638968844678_1992188395_n 1002838_560320164009892_560364845_n 1003742_576422039066371_173810584_n 1003827_614001745308400_205031442_n 1005810_583999044975337_406629930_n 1017325_564537513588157_1412360736_n 1017526_566850730023502_452082552_n 1044163_559076460800929_164006914_n 1148802_577409142300994_1898980459_n 1148993_577028572339051_644017554_n 1150326_577751535600088_2083926170_n 1176331_584426328265942_1446099381_n 1238943_591670264208215_408024009_n 1239765_593203534054888_1528310515_n 1374199_595463900495518_538598427_n 1374866_610001612375080_710851568_n 1377521_599560516752523_1665368912_n 1378835_605005226208052_601273871_n 1379498_614218345286740_332014300_n 1383610_611966802178561_1307546680_n 1384043_605365256172049_860972189_n 1410874_611558382219403_2044995446_o 1493220_639067569468484_1303625811_n 1497704_645595795482328_700777967_n 1512431_644155112293063_1020014248_n 1517532_638148419560399_83792888_n 1522304_639647142743860_2133152524_n 1526255_810164949025411_5356363594648811923_n 1555329_660789513962956_1965970735_n 1794624_656716841036890_2143218640_n 1958077_916777668364138_1946128455015297613_n 10320505_840777335964172_6767147251976082476_n 10346306_831996136842292_1056274800920258069_n 10352203_760697263972180_6362341939675216984_n 10352578_797109220330984_2994379579263276286_n 10383975_890458744329364_2694721261872316921_n 10407117_780605688648004_6879080821775447480_n 10410414_774715675903672_3207847564724925031_n 10421173_828084767233429_8345895688533993320_n 10478196_860156307359608_6537213857819045149_n 10494597_757551450953428_1425916596628775129_n 10525792_738100829565157_5271992604527688582_n 10593049_761372033904703_7357574649436621596_n 10606458_758665937508646_9133419885467218907_n 10609719_762193403822566_8380604503073628687_n 10615559_796867383688501_4428764351006581281_n 10629846_771557352886171_1654435269078430542_n 10644983_761544697220770_507342179017370058_n 10659193_759908354051071_2098909629765990780_n 10670281_809280682447171_6505980493941236241_n 10676131_816976395010933_6706128816381289301_n 10687022_792360910805815_7035708409027215035_n 10846456_809158982459341_6532224764829274034_n 10891712_827328360642403_2281753787220300627_n 10906208_825543020820937_4883700049524285381_n 10923696_846360412072531_2760668386038869721_n 10933731_831997386842167_3124435420046427881_n 10934012_834940076547898_5869736157559217539_n 10941001_836754236366482_6641051661783507104_n 11059546_969492146426023_7666302501514987168_n 11081272_869392956435943_9065704261753354260_n 11110248_882654565109782_608784487007321687_n 11202970_940204622688109_3628310623767949805_n 11218214_952704134771491_2172316102530425465_n 11224103_937628049612433_2854942968963602887_n 11225384_960342424007662_7118023172178387289_n 11329977_903005863074652_1429434644049291166_n 11407048_910174672357771_4832548957302704419_n 11667399_920441881331050_6877508479421443400_n 11781796_938432409531997_5702197160359638281_n 11800579_937445232964048_788551411826672822_n 11825091_938989189476319_7270879664955831051_n 11880596_952645574777347_7741590863257730529_n 11885324_953924164649488_692464488076718806_n 12063831_971278606247377_8257294486929383198_n 12109149_983075271734377_1795916704628877372_n 12118650_977041809004390_8149130546689043153_n 12118819_975399675835270_8320135261615813482_n 12190798_989511674424070_1569727890240951340_n 12241764_996333763741861_4039137346262854823_n ecf89ec7889e33c3e9d20c436cdc4dc7 tumblr_mt7sgsr7q31s066hwo1_r1_540 tumblr_mvfiiztuLw1rww85vo6_540 tumblr_mw4tqkbgcH1r3sfg0o1_540 tumblr_mwus89bg1i1ss711ko1_500 tumblr_mwy1fzNrEl1qllrtso1_1280 tumblr_mx5t88SSTa1si3o94o1_1280 tumblr_n90suzQ9zh1rs7jbbo2_540 tumblr_n209s3jr2W1rs4ej4o1_1280 tumblr_naa3zzbqzG1rkftzgo1_540 tumblr_ndonlypQ5S1svdn2ho3_540 tumblr_nijzhtiy6m1trbgfco3_540